Baltic Porter 20% Coconut

OPICE CELEBRATES 6 YEARS !!! This year we have brewed something stronger to celebrate: dark beer in the Baltic Porter style with the addition of coconut with a strength of 20% EPM. A combination of caramel and chocolate malts is used to produce this beer, the beer is bottom-fermented. The beer is dominated by the aroma of dark malts with a hint of chocolate, caramel, a little coffee. Roasted grated coconut was added to the maturation. So cheers !!!

About the beer

The best with smoked meat and steak.

Serving temperature: 12-14 °C


8,6 %


20,5 %


pilsen, bavarian, carafa II, special B, chocolate


40 IBU


Ariana, Hallertau Blanc


90 EBC

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