Baltic Porter 20% Barrel Aged Jamaica Rum

Baltic Porter 20% is a strong black bottom-fermented beer with 9.0% alcohol. We brewed it in November 2021 and moved it to Pedro Ximenes sherry and Jamaican rum wooden casks and let it age for 10 months. In September 2022, we bottled the beer, added a little yeast and sugar and left it to mature in the bottles for another 2 months. The result is 2 special editions of 600 bottles each. After the sherry, the beer acquired a slightly sour character evoking red grapes and wine. In combination with rum, on the other hand, the beer acquired a softer character of sweeter cane rum. In both editions, you can feel the character of dark wood and sour cherries, which comes from dark beer and long aging.

About the beer

Best with chocolate cake.

Serving temperature: 12-14 °C


9,0 %


20,5 %


pilsen, bavarian, carafa II., special B, chocolate malt


40 IBU


Ariana, Hallertau Blanc


90 EBC

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